Enchainé toute une vie, ce Malamute est totalement différent aujourd’hui


Ce chien n’a pas eu de chance : enchaîné en permanence et délaissé malgré ses problèmes de santé, il était en piteux état jusqu’à ce qu’on vienne le secourir ! Aujourd’hui, il a retrouvé une famille aimante et va de mieux en mieux chaque jour.

Odin le Malamute de l’Alaska ne ressemblait en rien aux grands chiens tout doux et souriants qui appartiennent généralement à cette race. Et pour cause : il avait été enchaîné et ignoré pendant un long moment par les éleveurs à qui il appartenait.

Depuis, Odin a fait beaucoup de progrès et sa santé s’améliore de jour en jour. Il doit encore faire réparer certaines dents et se débarrasser de sa dirofilariose, mais il a déjà retrouvé la forme et le sourire.

Désormais, ce grand toutou ressemble vraiment à un Malamute de l’Alaska, avec un grand sourire et un poil abondant, doux et soyeux. On lui souhaite de longues et heureuses années avec sa nouvelle famille !

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I continue to be amazed by the resiliency of dogs. They are able to bounce back from situations and misfortune while still having so much love to give. Odin has really taught me so much. Odin has been recovering very well from his surgery. Unfortunately I had a mix up on what time to bring him in this morning for his sedation and x Rays. I don’t think Odin minded the extended break from the vet office, and I am hoping maybe it is somehow a good thing to have him take a longer break before being put under again. After these X-Rays we will soon have his first injection. I knew he would need hospitalization, but I think I somehow failed to realize it will be for three long days. So I will be a mess missing him! Odin has been seriously fluffing up here lately. I swear day by day I notice more thickness and fullness to his coat. It kinda gives him a cute chubby appearance almost. I including a pic from the beginning and today to show, and a few extras that were cute. You can see that he has a cute fluffy tail now 🥰🥰 I hope Odin’s story helps inspire people to see the potiential on stories that seem like a lost cause. If Odin’s story inspires you to help, there are so many ways you can make a difference. See what help your local shelter or rescue needs – volunteering, fostering, adopting. Sometimes even simple things like helping share to local pages about available adoptable animals, helping teach people about spay/neuter, or collecting newspaper for puppy rooms etc! No matter what you do it helps and it matters a lot to dogs like Odin I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you so much for supporting this wonderful guy through it all! ❤️ #odin_the_rescue_malamute #studentdoctor_huskymom #southernpinesanimalshelter #rescuedog #fosteringsaveslives #alaskanmalamutesofinstagram #rescuefosteradopt #rescuedogsrule #rescuedogsofinstagram #comfydog #malamute #malmutesofinstagram #malamuterescue #rescuemalamute #beforeandafterrescue #thedodo #rescuestory #rescue #rescuestory

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